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Cayo Coco Cuba Cruise

Taste paradise in a fresh mango cocktail, have fun right down to the wire on our Old Havana tour, catch the calypso beat in rustic Cuban towns, and above all soak up the sun on endless stretches of virgin shore on these Cuba cruises.

What to Expect: Getting friendly with anemones, spicy-hot Havana nightlife, bustling straw and craft markets in Varadero, laidback Reggaeton vibe of Old Havana and island-style hospitality, ancient fort of El Morro, and colonial Havana streets.

When to Go: Winter, spring, or summer for the driest Cuba cruising weather.

What to Do: Dive, snorkel, or swim with sea turtles, shop for hand-woven gifts and duty-free finds, climb a volcano or hike through a rainforest, sip rum, and sunbathe just about anywhere.

Local Color: Prices are flexible for most goods and services in the Cuba. Get into the spirit, “asere”, and learn to haggle.

Don’t Miss: Snorkeling past manta rays in Cayo Santa Maria ¬†and sea anemones. Havana’s Colonial architecture and vibrant culture in Cuba ports.

Entertainers: All of our entertainers are of Cuban origin as can be seen here with some of our guests

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